Responsive Design

I've found Craft to be an excellent platform for developing flexible, dynamic sites with simple and intuitive content management systems. Frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation make responsive design a snap, allowing sites to be accessible from desktops, to tablets, to smart phones. For custom database development, I typically work with BrightBridge Studios, a full service web company headquartered out of Traverse City, Michigan.

Craft, ExpressionEngine, Bootstrap, Foundation

The Process

Ideas & Messaging

Goals, markets, and how to reach them are identified. A general site map for the content is outlined.

Concept Design & Approval

Using programs like Photoshop, Sketch & Illustrator a visual mock-up is presented. Once approved, site development begins.

Development & Delivery

The site is developed locally and transferred to a live link for review. Screen shots of the progress may also be delivered. A tutorial for the site admin is assembled.


  • Chicago Federation of Musicians

    Chicago Federation of Musicians

    Built with Craft, this site features a secure section and search features for the union's 2000+ members.

  • Brengman Brothers

    Built with Craft, this winery and vineyard in Northern Michigan has no problem updating and managing the content of their site.

  • Coastal Valley Water

    This website built with the Foundation responsive design framework is easily updated via Craft’s intuitive content management system.

  • Indiana Beverage

    This site’s content manager allows northern Indiana’s largest beer distributor to update the content and images via any basic web browser with an internet connection.

  • Five Star Distributing

    Along with the standard ability to update content and adding secondary pages to the site sections, Five Star’s site also features a promtions area and event calendar.

  • Shotgun Elvis

    A simple one-page site using a Bootcamp framework.

Email Marketing

I develop email marketing campaigns in distribution programs like ConstantContact, Campaign Monitor and VerticalResponse. These services are all very similar in functionality and tracking capabilities and have established template systems for the ever-expanding mobile audience that now accounts for more that 50% of all opened emails.

Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, VerticalResponse


A few useful sites to have on hand

Crunch down transparent PNGs file size by 70-80%.

Online JavaScript/CSS Compressor
A web interface to compress your JavaScript or CSS. This tool uses UglifyJS 2, Clean-CSS and HTML Minifier.

Looking at a site to see “how did they do that?” but the code is all minified? Make it readable and pretty.

PX to EM
What's 30px in ems?

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator
Don't use a background image for a gradient.

CSS Border Radius Generator
Sure, border-radius doesn't require heavy lifting but this is a quick answer.

Subtle Background Patterns
Just like it says. Even used on this site.

Web page not printing nicely? This site makes any web page print friendly.

Free programs that make life easier

A surprisingly efficient, feature-rich text editor.

Develop sites locally. Get the Pro version.

Find the graphic user interface of PHPMyAdmin to be a drag? Then this is for you.

Despite the name, it's a seriously nice FTP program.

I work on a Mac. What will this site look like in horrible Internet Explorer? Load up a virtual machine! Get them here.

If you're collaborating a project on a .git hub, this will help to keep it organized.